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Culture is “something” that has a different definition depending on who you ask. Many think it has to do with Africa, if something is “cultural” then there is something African about it. That is not true because other things such at ballet and theatre even Times Square in New York are considered cultural things.


For me, Culture is a list of “how to do” and “what not to do” that a society has agreed upon. This is way of life for the people in that society and one person can be a member of several societies. Your spouse, your job, your friend, your religion, your tribe, your country, all of these make up your dynamic culture. In the more broad terms, Culture is defined by geography or ethnicity such as African, European, Asian or American culture.


 I am from the Bemba and Shona tribe, now Zulu tribe. When I say “tribe”, I am referring to a society of people who originate from a particular geographical area with a specific language. (I am sure the true Floridian tribe have their own language!). Culture is dynamic and there are many things that are referred to as “back in the day” which they no longer practice and “now-a-days” which they do now. Then there are those things that the people of these tribes do that they have done for many, many years that have defined them.


These are some of the things I will be discussing. You can email me if there is something you would like me to discuss or if you would like to add something about your culture. Thanks,  Chipo.







A Traditional Zulu Marriage

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