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My African Heritage.

 Tigashire! Welcome! Sawubona!

My name is Chipo, a consultant with My African Heritage.  My mother is from Zambia , from the Bemba tribe and my father is from  Zimbabwe so our family is part of the Shona tribe. I speak  both  my parents languages, very familiar with both countries and they taught me many things about the cultures of their tribes.  My husband is Zulu so I am now part of the Zulu tribe. I am learning  a new language, how to be a  Zulu wife and teach my children the many components of my culture.

My African Heritage is about me, what I like and my community. I have a wide selection of African art and accessories focusing on decorating ideas for the home. These are either made in a country in Africa or feel like they talk about Africa especially Southern Africa. The Wood selection has some table top selection with candle holders, some beaded bowls,  the ebony bowls and some masks which I have given as birthday presents, wedding presents and house warming gifts.

The copper clocks are made for the wall for the living room, the study or the office. These make a more formal kind of gift that signify the importance of keeping time (ironically African time is still talked about!) and seizing the moment. I have given these for graduations and executive gifts for my business partners. My father also has one! Copper makes a bold statement with the unique color, dashes of green tree tops and savanahs.

Zimbabwe pottery  is my nostalgic favourite. At home we have these almost 3 or 4 gallon cast iron 3 legged pots that we would use on an open fire. All kinds of food is cooked in these cast iron pots especially sadza, our staple food made from corn meal for large gatherings such as weddings, funerals, graduation parties, Christmas parties or just a regular family dinner. These unique pottery replicas are a significant piece of domestic Shona culture.

Look out for a truly talented Shona Sulpture artist Wesley Tichaenzana Mawema who will be featured this spring!!

My African Heritage is your information source on Southern and Eastern African culture. I have a database of people and organizations  who specialize in various genres. If you are looking for Interior decorating ideas,  music,  stories…… you’ve come to the right place. Please go to my Resources page   for more information.

 For arrangements, please email me at chipo@myafricanheritage.com 

or call me on 407-325-4649.

Tinotenda. Thankyou. Siyabonga.






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